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God Doesn’t Mean You Get To Live Forever

Would you still believe in God if it meant no everlasting life? What if God Doesn’t Mean You Get To Live Forever!

$25 includes Soul Food Sampler!



Set in a quaint Baptist church where you, the audience, are the parishioners. The lively pastor and congregation get an unexpected visit from Reese Noel, a famous pop singer who lures their favorite son and Gospel musician Q. astray. After a whirlwind night of partying at Jazz and Dance clubs, Reese proffers to Q. the idea that his belief in God doesn’t have to mean a promise of everlasting life. However, an unspeakable tragedy sets everyone back on their heels. The church Deacon, played by “America’s Psychologist” Dr. Jeff Gardere, tries to make sense of it all. Powerful Gospel, Jazz, and Pop music with a boxed Soul Food sampler to set the flavor of this immersive experience just right.

Soul Food sampler is included in ticket price; menu can be found at beboptv.com.